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Welcome at Gravity - User Experience & Development Workshop.

We know how confusing a lack of user engagement is.
That's why we've decided to create products that combine well balanced user experience, great design and fully functional backend.

Great UX is like gravity – it keeps people constantly connected, but doesn’t draw attention to itself. Our process reimagines and redefines your UX to infuse it with the gravity that keeps users coming back for more.

Moving with that change is the key to successfully solving the problems you and your users face in a rapidly changing world.

Your idea needs validation? Let’s turn it into a real business. From even a primal concept to a coding-ready prototype. We deliver all you need to impress investors and more.
Let’s try it in a real marketplace together!

We do realise that your business growth depends on more than creating new and innovative products. It requires digital experiences that effortlessly communicate with and engage your users.

That’s the power of GRAVITY.

ESPN.com revenues jumped 35% after they listened to their community and incorporated suggestions into their homepage redesign.

That's why at GRAVITY, our process begins at the most important place – Discovery.

Using our 360˚ approach, we get a complete overview of your business, vision, and product to determine your business objectives and understand your customer’s journey.

Then we rigorously Test your UX designs to identify key areas of improvement that will get you the most results. Finally, we Refine your total brand experience by providing recommendations for improvements and implementing new designs to keep your users engaged.

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Selected projects

In our 10-year+ journey, we’ve had the pleasure of adding gravity to many great companies.

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Our tailor-made UX Packages

Growing churn? Low click through rate? Our Elemental UX Audit package is perfect for startups or SME companies looking for a hint of guidance with their UX.

We’ll review and analyze your product or service, then deliver an actionable report filled with suggestions for improving your UX and engagement.
What's in?

7-days turnaround
UX Expert Review
UI Expert Review
Usability Testing
15-20 pages of actionable report

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If you’re looking for ongoing UX support, our Gravitational package is ideal.

We continue the Discovery process from our Elemental package over the course of 6-months, delivering monthly actionable reports to keep your engagement growing as you implement changes.

We also perform a more in-depth analysis of your product and competition, as well as map your User Journey to provide you with an even deeper understanding of your effectiveness compared to your market.
What's in?

all from ELEMENTAL
App/Service Analysis & Competitive Analysis
User Journey/Experience Mapping
Monthly Actionable report

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If you’d like us to implement a custom solution for you, Terrestrial is your package.

Over the course of 6 months, we’ll not only deliver all the Discovery, Testing, and in-depth analysis from our Gravitational package, we’ll get hands on to help you Refine your UX from the ground up.

We’ll provide you with an implementation roadmap, redefine your UX strategy, as well as provide you with Wireframes and UI Designs to incorporate into your product.
What's in?

Research & Strategy
User Journey/Experience Mapping
Wireframes & UI Design

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